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Dear Parishioners
Those who have been following the developments in the House of Commons
today (Wednesday 30th December), will be aware that ALL of Greater
Manchester will be moving into the Tier 4 Lockdown Restrictions.
I have been discussing our response to any changes to the level of lockdown with
both Jeremy and Callum and we are agreed our response will be as follows:

1) Both St George’s and St Thomas’ churches will remain open for Public
Worship on Sundays.  The service at St George’s will be at 10am, and the
service at St Thomas’ will be at 11:30am.  As always we will maintain a
number of “Socially Distanced” seating in both churches on a first come,
first served basis.  We will endeavour to broadcast the service from St
Georges through both Zoom and FacebookLive.  However, due to the
damage to the church’s telephone cable and the telegraph pole we
are currently reliant on using a mobile data connection which is restricting
operations.  If you are unable to access the service through Zoom please
do try to access through FacebookLive if you can.  
Alternatively, you may  like to make use of the Church of England’s
Daily Hope Telephone Service on 0800-804-8044
.  The BBC
also has a televised service on BBC1 which this week is at 10am, however
it can and does change so always check the TV Listings.

2) It is now extremely important that when you arrive at the church building
you sanitise your hands using the gels available in the lounge. If you are
allergic, or have a medical condition that would be aggravated by using the gel, please ask to speak to the Warden.

3) We also need everyone to complete a contact tracing form or to scan in using the the QR Codes and the NHS Co-Vid-19 app. These forms will be stored under GDPR compliant protocols, and be securely destroyed when expired.

4) Everyone who is able should wear a face covering. The
Government exemptions will apply for those with
medical conditions only.  If you have been invited to read the lesson or to
lead the prayers of intercession, you may remove your mask whilst reading,
and replace it once you have finished.

5) When invited to receive communion, please follow the directions of the
stewards, and remain 2m apart from other bubbles.  When you reach the
front please re-sanitise you hands and the points provided before going
forward to receive the consecrated bread. Please return to your seats
using the outside aisles to maintain a safe distance.

6) At the moment it is considered unsafe to sing when gathered indoors.We will do our best to find appropriate videos to  help facilitate prayer and meditation.  It is permitted to gently hum/quietly speak the words to the music.

7) At the end of the service please stay in your seats until one of our
stewards directs you to leave.  This is to prevent a build-up of people
exiting the building.  It is also considered good practice to re-sanitise your
hands as you leave.  Please do not congregate in the grounds to chat as this
is not permitted under the Tier 4 legislation.

We do not like having to restrict the way in which we worship, however
our first priority is to love our neighbours and keep everyone as safe as we
can, so we thank you for your consideration and support.
Wishing you every blessing for 2021. Mike Aldridge
(Church Warden)


All services will be on Zoom and Facebook Live. If you would like to join the Zoom services please contact Mike by email ( or phone and we will add you to the weekly invitation email.

If you need help from church you can contact Jeremy on 07944 954259

There are also a number of videos available on YouTube - please search for Hyde Anglican to find these.


We are committed to Safeguarding Children, Young People, and Vulnerable Adults.

We are excited to share the news of Callum's recent Ordination of Priest please click here if you would like to watch the recorded video of Callums Ordination.


The PCC has adopted the Church of England's policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of England's website: 










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