St Georges Hyde


A Word from the Vicar - September 2018


Hi everyone- I hope you’re enjoying a bit of relief from the scorching hot summer we’ve been having. ‘The hottest summer since records began in 1961’! We had  a few days holiday over in Northern Ireland, and we’re back in action, looking forward to everything the new season has to offer!


Yes it’s our HERITAGE DAY on September 8th!  This year will be special, as it takes in the centenary of the First World War Armistice in 1918. We hope to offer some family-friendly treats, like showing what school would have been like in years gone by. No SATS for one thing!  Watch out for Sunday 16th September as well. Not only is it a Baptism service, we’re also trying out a slightly fresher look to the 10.45 service in terms of music and kids. Intrigued? Do come along and see what we’re doing.


Also we’ve got our Bring and Share Harvest Supper and Kayleigh on October 13th (Saturday). Tickets will be on sale soon at a very low and affordable price.  Even if you’ve got two left feet like me, you’re welcome to get up and dance. And if you’re slightly past the point of dancing, it’ll be worth coming along to watch other people making a fool of themselves, and enjoying the food on offer.


I’d like to thank everyone again for making us so welcome, and hope you’ll continue to bear with me while I’m trying to remember names! Above all, I’m praying that we can all go deeper into God as a church, supporting each other and showing his love to our community.


All the best, Jeremy.