St Georges Hyde

Readers Letter

Hello and God bless to all those reading this. It has been usual for the Vicar to write a piece for the Church magazine, but, for however long, it is to be the job of the various Readers of the church to write a little something.

David and I have been coming to St George’s now for about 33 years (so still newcomers in comparison to some people!). We have seen lots of changes in that time.

September is quite often a month of change and a month of new beginnings-you yourself might be going through a time of change-a new job, a new baby, a new home, married life or retirement. Someone in your family might be moving school or going to university or maybe just moving class in the same school or beginning school for the first time. Whatever the situation, it is/or can be stressful-a fear of the unknown.

We as a church family are going to be going through a time of change-a time when we have no incumbent to lead our flock, but this is the time when we can become closer as a church family-looking out for each other, offering our talents to help in the running of the church, and of course praying for the right person to come along as our minister.

It is a time of opportunity a time to pull together-a time of change but also a time of new beginnings -an exciting time in our church, but also a challenging time especially for our wardens, but as Psalm 32 puts it  God “will instruct us and teach us the way we should go. He will counsel us and watch over us” What more could we ask than that.

We wish Jo all the best for her new parish ministry knowing that she was guided by God to go to Leamington Spa, and we pray for her at her induction on September 6th. We continue to pray for her new ministry-for Ian, Jack and Tom as they begin their new life.

God bless

Barbara Hollington