St Georges Hyde

Vicar’s Letter

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all keeping well and your long-unused central heating systems are working fine as it gets to that time of year when we need some warmth and closed windows. Memories of the baking hot summer (and the wild garden party) are slowly fading. 

Most things in church are going ahead as usual, but those who are regulars at the 10.45 service may have noticed a bit of music-modernising, including Aidan on drums! I would like thank you while we’ve been trying out new things. I would especially like to thank those patient people who sit at the front while the guitar sometimes makes funny noises. 

I would also like to thank the marvellous Wardens, Sue Dadswell and all of the social committee for throwing themselves into some of the events we’ve got coming up- especially the Harvest Supper on October 13th. I was threatening to turn up wearing a kilt, but Pauline’s talked me out of it! 

Christmas is lurking around the corner, and I’ve even been thinking about 2019! I think next year we’ll be having a solid focus on The Bible (how it all fits together) as well as discipleship. But for most of us that’s a world away.

I’m really excited about what God’s got in store for the church, and how the Holy Spirit is going to start doing new things in peoples lives. Thanks again for the support from everyone, and I’m looking forward to our next adventures!!!