St Georges Hyde

Letter for October.

Dear Friends,

We have just had Heritage day and it took me to wondering about the church I have been attending for ??? years. It took me to remembering some of the clergy  we have had at St. George ‘s  and how individual they have been.

I remember Mr. Dawson and the fact the he was the minister when I started at St. George’s school. He came into the school quite often and we had to stand up when he came into the room.  We could sit down again once we had greeted  him  He took lessons in school and took services  when we went to church.

I remember the Rev’d Duncan Baird – he married Trevor and I and baptised both of our children.

I remember Roy Lawrence. He wrote books, some of which I believe are still I print today. During his time we had a very strong healing ministry. We had regular healing services where hands were laid on people who came forward for prayer and many healings took place. My husband Trevor was healed of migraines which he had had for many years, but after he was healed of them they never came back. We were actually televised by the B.B.C. and broadcast from one of our church services.

What is memorable too is the reordering of the church when  we had to move our worship into school until the church was ready for us to move back – and a very different church it was too. No balcony, no pillars, no pews, but still standing proudly at the top of Great Norbury Street.

I remember Stephen Wilson and the holiday clubs we had when Stephen was in charge. WE had lots of laughs and lot s of good teaching and we took  advantage of the church being so open and accommodating for games and activities.

And of course we remember Jo. And the legacy of the windows that she initiated – and Messy Church – and the opening up of the church to many different activities.

Each of these stages has brought new life to our church and each  vicar has brought something different and new. What does the future hold. ? WE none of us know but what we do know is that we must  pray very earnestly if God is to have his way in our church, and ask the Holy spirit to guide us.. The future is potentially exciting because if God is in it, it is bound to be exciting. But unless we pray, we shall miss out a future with great things happening.

Every blessing

Marjorie Trueman