St Georges Hyde

Vicars Letter

I commented recently in Facebook that ‘It never rains in Hyde’. (I’ve since been put right on this!) We’ve lived all over the north through the last 5 years, and wherever we go I get given wise advice from local people about their weather.

In Nottingham we were told ‘it never snows here’, and ended up with about a foot of snow just in time for Christmas.

I wonder how long it takes before anyone becomes properly local? A lifetime, perhaps.

I’m originally from Manchester. I studied Music, then worked for a long time in Council Housing in Yorkshire, then for a Housing Association based in Stockport. Pauline’s from Northern Ireland (anyone notice?) and is a teacher, as well as being a keen photographer and brilliant cook. We’ve got 2 of our 3 lads coming with us- Aidan (aged 20) and Daniel (23 in May). You might see them around the place from time to time. We’ve been at home in many different churches and denominations, but finally made the C of E our proper home about 10 years ago.

We’re really looking forward to being part of the community in Hyde, and I hope you’ll bear with us until we become ‘properly local’. God is doing something unique in Hyde. I need to find out what’s going on, through prayer, through the Holy Spirit and, most of all, by getting to know you. I’m excited about what lies ahead, and I hope you’ll bear with us as we settle in.

Love and best wishes in the Lord