St Georges Hyde

Vicar’s Letter – July and August 2018


Hello to all, and thanks for bearing with us while we try to remember everyone’s names!

Summer holidays are fast approaching, exams are mostly over, the British summer seems to be giving up after a valiant effort, and the vicarage garden is sprouting everywhere in ways that we find hard to combat.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know so many kind and friendly people in such a short space of time. I’m gearing up for my first PCC meeting in July, and Pauline’s seeing if there are any teaching jobs she can get stuck in to next term.

Please pray for myself and those in leadership as we try and get a new vision for the church, and what God is calling us to do. Unfortunately it’s a question of priorities- you might feel led to do 20 things, it’s a question of what you look at first! In this I’m blessed to be surrounded by a wise and experienced team of readers, wardens and people who know how to get things done.

Pray for a new vision for the new parish, which now stretches all the way across Hyde. Pray for growing links between St George’s and St Thomas’s, and for my new work in the school (which could be a complete job in itself!) And for possible links with other schools in the parish which may not have seen a vicar for many years!

And if you feel led to wearing your name on badge, I would have no objections at all!

Love in Christ

Jeremy and Pauline