St Georges Hyde


Greetings to everyone


We’re getting alarmingly close to Christmas- I hope everyone has at least thought about their shopping lists. Wendy, Diane and myself have planned some of our Christmas music, so I’m feeling at least marginally festive!


In the meantime, we’ve got our Centenary Remembrance service on 11th November, and the Bereavement Service on the afternoon of November 4th. This will be a chance for families who are still feeling the pain of loss to come and quietly remember their loved ones before God, and for us as a church to pray for their consolation.


I would like to offer a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has worked so hard Sunday by Sunday. We’ve had a drive to recruit new people into key roles- please come forward if you feel God might be prompting you do something active in church. Thanks too to for those who helped stage our recent Harvest Supper dance. The band was excellent.


Last Sunday I was talking about our goals in life- I would like to challenge everyone to spend a few minutes thinking about what our priorities are. Sometimes we can find ourselves madly busy doing things which we do because we’ve always done them. Sit down and ask God to de-clutter your life, and ask Him what he’s calling you to do next. 


If you’re REALLY adventurous, tell him your wide open to be changed so that he can do what he needs to do in you, so his kingdom can come. You may be surprised by what follows.


Speaking of goals, our leadership team / PCC will be spending most of Saturday 3rd November thinking about which way the church is going. Please pray for us, and that God will give a clear vision moving forwards. Amen.