St Georges Hyde

Hi everyone

Hope you’ve all recovered from Christmas, and haven’t set yourselves impossible New Year resolutions which you haven’t managed to keep!

We’ve got some exciting things coming up- I’m looking forward to the Bishop’s visit on 3rd February, with 8 people being confirmed, and then we’ve got Lent, then Holy Week on the horizon.

It was lovely meeting with some Iranian Christians recently and hearing about how they came to faith. Sometimes we take a lot for granted. In a time of change, confusion, uncertainty and annoying news broadcasts, it’s good to know that God is constant. In fact, he’s about the only thing which is constant in the world around us.

Another thing I’m excited about is prayer. “Prayer”? “Exciting”? The truth is, if we want to do things in church, to affect the community around us, we need to be praying. We’re getting volunteers to offer official prayer ministry after the 10.45 service (let me know if you’d like to volunteer as well) and I’m also hoping to set up a mid-month evening prayer meeting for those who can’t get there for prayer breakfast (It’s a full English breakfast- think what you’re missing!!).

Finally, we have our APCM (annual church meeting) on 14th April, and it will be sad to see Carol step down as Church Warden after many years of loving service. This is a legal necessity, unfortunately.  If you feel God might be calling you to fill this very important role please have a chat with me.

Thanks again for all your love, prayer and support.

Jeremy& Pauline