St Georges Hyde

Hi everyone

At the time I’m writing this, I’m putting on extra layers,  hoping that June will be a bit warmer than May. (Remember April?)

So what’s coming up? We’ve got Callum (our new curate) being Deaconed at Chester Cathedral on 30th June. The week after- Sunday 7th July– we’ll have a welcome service in church with a bring and share lunch afterwards.

It seems strange to me being in charge of a curate when I’ve only just finished being one myself. Callum and myself will be organising our ‘Holiday at home’ event at the end of July. He’s had some experience of being part of these events.

I was talking on Sunday about how we need to love the ‘ones’ and the ‘another's’. I see this event as being a great opportunity for the more senior part of our church family to get together, and have some sort of holiday experience. Many people in that situation never get away for practical or other reasons. Also it’s more fun with your friends! We’re hoping to invite people from outside our normal church circles, and I hope they’ll be welcomed just the same!

The legend that is the Vicarage garden party is coming along soon as well - 2pm on Saturday 13th July. I’d better get back to praying for warmer weather !!!!

Wishing you all the best as the holidays and the end of exams gets nearer.