St Georges Hyde

Hi everyone
This time of year seems to be very busy! I hope we’ve all got over the shock of
school starting again. I’ve started back on Wednesday assemblies, and I couldn’t
believe how much the children had sprouted up since July.
This October finds us in an even more unsettling time. We’ve got political chaos in
Westminster, no bishops in sight and we have ongoing concerns for people in our
congregation who are suffering and need extra help.
I know that our ‘Timeline’ journey has now taken us into the New Testament, but
throughout the Bible (especially in the Old Testament) the people seemed to lurch
from one disaster to the next. The positive side to all this is that we often find God
in these moments. It’s when things are darkest that God’s light shines the brightest.
We really do have something to offer that baffled world out there!
It’s also good to remind ourselves that Jesus told us in Matthew 28 that he will be
with us to the end of the age. I’m not sure Boris could make the same promise!
I’ve made a bit of a ‘New academic year resolution’ that I’ll try and concentrate
more on spending time with people in church. So please expect a ‘how are you
doing?’ visit from the fantastic Callum or myself as the nights draw in, and hold on
tight to the promises of God. These are promises which never change and never
Jeremy & Pauline