St Georges Hyde

Vicar’s Letter

Hi everyone

It’s lovely to see the weather improve a bit!

Coming up this month we’ve got the legendary Spring Fair on the 11th.

It was lovely to see how Holy Week is done at St Georges, and to take part in my first APCM as vicar here.

Meanwhile, changes are happening quietly in the background. Not only are we waiting for a new bishop having had Libby move to Derby Diocese, news has just broken that Bishop Peter will be leaving earlier than originally intended (i.e. in September). So we’ll have lots of new people at the top before long.

I would like to thank everyone again for sticking with me through some of the things we’ve tried out recently. I hope you’re feeling a bit more comfortable with the Old Testament, and you’re getting used to doing pop songs in church too!

I was talking on Sunday about how we think about the Bible as truth. After further thinking, I would say that if we look at any part of the bible through the lens of Jesus, it will be okay. For example Moses’ law in Leviticus can be a bit chewy, but if we look at it in the light of Jesus, the once for all sacrifice, it makes more sense. In my opinion, Paul’s best when he’s talking about Jesus too.

Hope this helps, and wishing you the best for the month to come!