St Georges Hyde

Vicar’s Letter

A very happy “nearly-easter” to everyone

I trust everyone is enjoying the (slightly) warmer weather and lighter evenings. The pace is already picking up as we zoom towards Holy Week.

I’d like to remind you of a couple of important things- If you’ve broken your Lent resolution, please don’t feel condemned! (some do) Also, I feel I should apologise for asking everyone to tell me what I preached on the previous week- I have to confess that I don’t often remember sermons- maybe there’s a scientific reason for it, or maybe (unless we jump out in a karate suit) the sermons aren’t visual enough.

Your team of preachers is working on this problem to ensure you have the finest quality memorable sermons every week.

Jesus always used visual ideas to express what he was saying. I also wonder if he recalled true life stories he’d heard. I wonder if a friend of the family had a son who had taken his inheritance and gone away from home?

The lead up to Easter is an incredibly visual time for us. We’ve got the blazing image of the cross, which is brought home by a cross placed at the front of church. I would invite you to throw yourselves into thinking hard about Easter this year- join us for the Maunday Thursday evening event, and (if you’re very brave) why not ascend Werneth Low to celebrate Easter Sunday at 6am. Or why not just do what Rena does and throw yourself into Sunday morning worship by having a bit of a dance to the music?   The more we put in, the more we get out! 

All the best,