St Georges Hyde


We usually have baptisms during the 10.45am service on the 3rd Sunday of a month for more information and to discuss a baptism please contact Reverend Jeremy Bentliff.

Baptism (or Christening as it’s sometimes referred to) marks a new start – a decision to follow Jesus Christ within the family of the Church. In the Baptism Service parents, along with the godparents, come to the front of the church and publically promise to do their best to raise their child to know God loves them, and to help them follow Jesus as a member of the Church. Then the church congregation welcomes the child and promises to support, encourage and pray for him or her. During the service the vicar makes the sign of the cross on the child’s forehead (as a reminder that they are united with Christ), pours water on the child’s head (as a sign of being washed free from sin and beginning a new life with Christ), and gives a candle (as a reminder that the light of Christ shines in the child’s life.

Baptism can happen at any age. What matters is that those concerned are committed to bring up a child as a Christian. Teenagers and adults may also be baptised.

Godparents make the same promises as parents to help raise the child in the Christian faith as part of the Church family. There are usually three godparents; they can be family members or friends (parents can also be godparents) and should be people who will take an interest in your child’s spiritual welfare and pray for you and your child. Godparents must be baptised themselves.

The baptism service is free.

Through baptism your child becomes a member of the worldwide Christian community! We are committed to helping people of all ages grow in their faith in God, and at our 10.45am Sunday Services we have a Sunday school and we have an Altogether Worship service on the 4th Sunday of each month.