St Georges Hyde



Lent Course 2015 – Hope Actually

This year’s Lent course proved challenging and interesting. Judging by the number of people attending and keeping on coming it gripped our imagination and was relevant.

Hope Actually is a course produced by the Church Urban Fund. The sessions allowed for *Bible reading *Reflections from prominent Christian leaders such as Pope Francis, St Augustine and the Bishop of Woolwich, *Discussion - both in small groups and as a whole group. We covered questions such as: What habits in our lives lead to ‘desolation and anguish’? Do we rush to help people rather than first listen to their stories? How can we learn from Jesus’ attitude to anger and conflict? When have we experienced a ‘glimpse of heaven’ in the way human beings treat one another here on earth? Do we have power to influence change? *Short video clips of church projects around the UK. I was particularly moved by a video of girl who had had a very difficult childhood and was left with low confidence and self-esteem. She had been befriended and helped by people in a church project in Nelson. She is now volunteering at the reception desk for this project and has more confidence and feels valued.

The course raised a lot of questions and left us with more to explore:

  • What is God calling us to do?
  • Who are the poor and vulnerable in our area and what are their needs? Is poverty financial or does it cover other things?
  • How can we listen to and work with the poor and vulnerable rather than for them?
  • What are we as a church already involved with that we could build on and who could we partner with?
  • With the looming elections which policies best represent our Christian view of the gospel?                            


Thanks to Jo and the other leaders.             Biddy Dawson