St Georges Hyde


Review:-Jazz Concert

It was a cold Saturday night in Hyde, but not in St George’s church where an evening of soft jazz wafted around the candlelit room. This time the quartet had grown into a five piece band, and with the addition of a singer there was plenty to go round. The evening though sparsely attended was well worth the effort of leaving the armchair and venturing out.

The programme was rich and varied with a mix of popular tunes and some a little less well known, and with the beat meandering from tango to the bossa nova there were times when the room took on the feel of a Latin quarter straight out of the streets of Cuba. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening of live music for a modest price; a number of items were featured, amongst them a tenor singer who performed such perennials songs as Georgia on my Mind and Blue moon. The programme consisted of about thirty tunes, which represents a lot of commitment and rehearsal time, so next time do yourself a favour and come along to their concert after all, it is for the church roof; you won’t be disappointed