St Georges Hyde

Home Groups meet each week in various homes for bible study, prayer and fellowship. Currently we have groups meeting :-

Monday evening at 8pm  – Led by David Hollington – 0161 366 0365

The groups objectives are to deepen our Christian faith by studying the Bible together, to  develop fellowship, to provide a place where we can get to grips with some of the more difficult Bible passages/ topics and to provide a place where people can share confidential matters and not fear that these matters will be subsequently bandied about.

Monday evening at 8pm (fortnightly)  – Led by Katy Jones – 07860 254 845

The group starts by welcoming - with a brew and chat, then moves to Bible study (there is no pressure to read passages out loud) and finishes with a time of prayer (there is no pressure to pray aloud). 

Thursday Evening at 7.30pm (fortnightly) - Led By Andrew and Biddy Dawson 0161 368 2129

Up to 8 of us have continued meeting on average fortnightly. We use audio and video clips as well as helping each other in considering Bible passages and what they mean.  Everyone has something to contribute but nobody has to.  We always have coffee and cake!

We would welcome more people.

Thursday morning at 10am  – Led by Barbara Hollington – 0161 366 0365

The group begins with tea/coffee and a chat (very informal) and then opens with a prayer followed by studying the bible (each taking turns to read a few verses but no pressure to do so) and using a booklet answering questions on the passage read.  The group do share their own feelings, but there is no pressure to do so, and we do realise that what is said is for the groups ears only.