St Georges Hyde

180th Anniversary Celebrations

Sunday 14th October was St Georges Church 180th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Church in 1832. This was celebrated by a joint 10:45 service followed by a shared lunch.

The service was led by Jo and Norma and Bishop Peter gave the sermon and officiated at communion.  Bishop Peter gave a very 'Apologetic' sermon relating how he came to faith in Jesus. He explained the choices he encountered as a young person entering into adulthood. How he had considered atheism with its cold, unfriendly, pointless existence based on chance. As he looked at his life and the world around him, its beauty and complexity he realised that this world could not have come about by chance. As he said 'He did not have enough faith to be an atheist' and he kept on searching.  He began to think that as the world was so complex maybe God just created it and set it running with laws to govern it and then like some old headmaster he would visit earth from time to time to see if it was all going ok.  However as he looked around him he saw evil, things breaking down and dying and he realised that his conclusion was not working so he kept searching. Then he met some Christians who told him how God had indeed made everything but also that He had come into this world in His Son and lived among us and died for us to make us right with Him.

It was then that he realised that this was indeed the message he had been looking for all that time. It was then that he put his trust in Jesus and could at last pray to his heavenly Father. 

He related that the important part of the church is the people but even the building acquires significance over the years as it becomes the place of sadness and happiness for so many of the community, from Births, Wedding, Funerals to Celebrations like today. That it becomes an important place where people can meet and feel at peace.

After the service a very generous shared lunch was enjoyed by the many who stayed. Special thanks to all who brought food and who provided drinks and tidied up afterwards.                                             By Stuart Kilpatrick